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Study Visit at Beijing, PR. China. 8 - 10 April 2010.

Academic Cooperation between IIDEA, Thailand and UNESCO INRULED and NAEA, PR. China on 8 - 10 April 2010. The Thai delegation group consisted of Deputy to Permanent Secretary, Khun Srivikar M.,Inspector General, Khun Jurairat N. and educational managers from the Ministry of Education, Thailand.

The International Institute of Education for Rural Development (INRULED) is a UNESCO sponsored training and research centre located in the People's Republic of China. INRULED's main base is at the Beijing Normal University, where the Centre secretariat is located. The main sponsors of INRULED are the Chinese Government and UNESCO. INRULED also has a main base at Baoding, Hebei Province, which is located 130 km south of Beijing. An Associate Centre is located at the School of Education of the Nanjing Normal University and also at the Gansu Institute of Educational Research. INRULED conducts research and training in the area of rural education in line with the aims of the Education-for-All programme. For more information about INRULED click here

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