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Towards Educational Improvement in the ASEAN Nations - What Thailand Can do to help
In 2007, the international the global consulting company Mckinsey, produced report for the OECD called “How the World’s Best Performing School Systems Come out on top”.

The researchers looked at 25 of the world’s school systems to see if they could find what are the features of those systems of education which produce the best possible outcomes against internationally recognised outcome standards. The results of the research provide information for education systems around the world as they seek to become more internationally competitive. These findings show quite conclusively that “the only way to improve outcomes is the improve instruction” A congruent conclusion they found is “The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers”. We know also that teacher quality and school leadership are closely connected. I was therefore very interested to hear recently that Thailand’s National Institute for Development of Teachers, Faculty Staff and Educational Personnel [NIDTEP] located at Raiking in Nakorn Pathom , is looking at developing an International Institute for the Development of Educational Administrators. Such an institute could enable Thailand to make a significant contribution to improving education systems in the ASEAN region. It would also assist Thailand’s vision to become an education hub for the South East Asian region. In such an Institute, research evidence as that provided by the Mckinsey report could contribute to the development of training programs for school leaders and in doing so, help to improve the educational outcomes of ASEAN education systems.

Greg Cairnduff,
The Australian International School of Bangkok
May 3 2010
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